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Best NCAA Football Sportsbooks
Check out the Best Sportsbooks For NCAA Football Betting section for a more thorough description of the top NCAA Football sportsbooks.

Good NCAAF Sites

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Picking A Good NFL Football Sportsbook
When looking for a place to bet on NFL Football action you should go over these 5 factors, because not all sportsbooks are the same and some sportsbooks do provide a much more friendly NFL Football betting environment.

1-Free handicapping contests, season long ATS, like, large guaranteed prize pool, weekly prizes, this is an extra incentive for gamblers to use this sportsbook and a nice added bonus feature.

2-Lots of props, game props, player props, who will pass/rush for most yards in a given week, team to score most points on the weekend, season props, etc, every game, we need a large variety of betting options for each game, it's important.

3-10% juice or less on all action, reduced juice lines means more money for us, this is huge in the long run, look at it this way, if you make a $100 bet every week on a football game, you are betting $110 to win $100, that is $1760 to win $1600 over the course of the 16 week season, if your picks are average and you go 8-8 with your selections, you are down $80, keep in mind that Las Vegas wants everybody to go 8-8 and take their $80 juice from everyone, now if you bet at a place like Pinnacle that takes 4% juice instead of 10%, the same results will look like this, you bet $1664 to win $1600, your 8-8 record will result in a loss of $32, that is a savings of $48, when you're walking down the street do you ever throw $50 bills out into the wind, if you do, just send me your cash, but i doubt many people do that, so why would you do it betting online. Check out the new Pinnacle Football Portal

4-Good odds, money line, futures, etc, well thats a no brainer, if we get better odds at one place on a regular basis then thats where we should be betting, similar to the reduced juice lines mentioned above, except now we are looking at other betting options as well, not just the straight bets, some places like Betfair offer consistently better futures odds on who will win the Super Bowl.
5-Reputation as a top online sportsbook of course, that's the most important thing, we can't be sweating our payouts or risk some cheap sportsbook stiffing us. I know all these sportsbooks and put up a list of safe betting places, some of my personal favourites, especially for NFL Football action are: Pinnacle, IASBet, Betfair, Sportsbook. Canbet
Based on that criteria, i would rank them like this roughly, most of the time it is just a gamblers personal preference, like a pick, not all gamblers will like the same thing, but i composed a list of several reputable NFL Football betting sportsbooks that you should choose from, i did not only take my personal opinion, but the opinions of some of my betting buddies, i listed my preferences above for you, but like i said, we're all different, i know some of my buds like Diamond, Bet365, Sportsinteraction, BetCRIS, Bowmans, Mansion, The Greek, VIP Sports, 5 Dimes, Bodog, etc, i have tried all of those, with the exception of Bodog(restricted to Canadians, yet Canadian owned, dumbasses) and moved on, although i do hear from my American buddies that they are lovin Bodog, it's good to have accounts at more than one sportsbook, try to keep at least 4 funded active betting accounts open.
Here is a list of our top 25 NFL Football betting online sportsbooks, you can also visit our Best Sportsbooks For NFL Football Betting page for a more thorough look, including bonus description and promotions.

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