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Breeders Cup Profile

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Breeders Cup Profile
There is no other day in the year that brings the promise of riches like Breeders Cup Day, it is one of those days you mark on your calendar and save up for, there is so much money going around and such huge payouts that it is impossible for any smart gambler to resist to put some money into the pot and try their luck.
Having said that, it's only fair to mention that it is probably the most difficult event to handicap.
The reason is that there are just too many factors to take into consideration, it's like taking your average race at your local track and multiplying the handicapping difficulty level by 10.
There are horses from the east coast, horses from the west coast, horses from Europe, horses from South America, horses coming off long layoffs, track conditions, large fields with lots of traffic, and all the usual track variables all packed in to one race, unlike your normal races where you can eliminate half of those factors usually.
Having witnessed, and bet on every single Breeders Cup race since Alysheba ran like a champion in the Classic(who i made the largest bet of my life on at the time, paid just under 2-1, but what a cinch anyway), i made some observations and took down some notes, it is what i call profiling the winner, which means that every future winner should share common characteristics of the previous winners, it is very precise and eliminates more than half the field as pretenders.
Each race has it's own unique profile so check out each one individually...

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