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NCAA Football Tips - It's A Tradition, So Bet On It




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NCAA Football Tips - Betting On Tradition
These are the best games of the NCAA Football season, some of the best ones for betting on too.
When it comes to traditional games like Michigan vs Michigan State, and others of the kind, you will always get full value for your team, even if they have a poor record on the year, winning this game makes up for it, any game that means more than a regular game could fall in this category, as long as there is some history between the 2 teams, like a rivalry.
It is also not a bad idea to take the underdog in these games, the biggest reason is that they know the opponent very well and most likely have a good game plan going on how to beat them.
The most important thing in these games is to look at past history between the 2 teams, especially recent history, these stats can tell you what to expect in the game.
A good example for futures betting on any sport...
If a team has a winning tradition, like the Pittsburgh Steelers or Dallas Cowboys in NFL Football, and are at odds of 50-1 and up, you should bet on them, it's a bit tricky, but the value is there, since they win the Super Bowl more than once every 50 years, those are fact stats, however, they won't win every year, but if you bet them at odds of 50-1 and up every year, you should win, barring some jinx, that's assuming you can get those teams at big odds every year, which might not be the case, and that's also assuming that they are putting forth the effort to win again, which most do as they have spoiled their fans in the past and have the added pressure to rise to glory once again.
When it comes to tradition, always go with the flow, if the home team always wins a particular game, bet on the home team, don't be an original in these games.

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2005 - Texas

2002 - Ohio State

2000 - Oklahoma

1998 - Tennessee

1997 - Michigan

1996 - Florida

1995 - Nebraska

1994 - Nebraska

1992 - Alabama