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NFL Football Tips - Playoff Upsets

Playoff Upsets

It doesn't matter if it's the NFL Football playoffs or the Breeders Cup horse races, whenever the stakes are high you can expect to see big upsets take place.
The best way to find that big longshot is to find a vulnerable favorite.
In NFL Football so much of the game is physical, so look for a team that is in good form at present time, forget about a team that looked good months ago and then tailed off late in the year.
How you enter the playoffs is how you exit the playoffs, so if a team is entering the playoffs off of a loss, bet against them, especially if they are the favorite, or even playing at home with the advantage of an extra week's rest for being a higher seed.
If a team was in the Super Bowl the previous season and attempting to make back to back big playoff runs, bet against them, it is very rare for a team in today's game to maintain a high level of play for consecutive seasons without taking a rest along the way.
Pay attention to those teams that win in the playoffs when you don't expect them to, if a team won its Wild Card game against an opponent you thought would win for example, bet on them, it means that you missed something about them when you were handicapping the previous game.

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NFL Football Tips

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