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NBA Basketball Tips - The Big Man On D





Joe Montana

The Big Man On D
This is the most important player on the team in my opinion, you can't win without a good one, especially when it gets late in the playoffs and things are tight on defense.
Shaquille O'Neal, Ben Wallace, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, etc, it seems like every team who won the NBA Championship had the Big Man who could play defense, if you like a team make sure they have this on their team.
If an average team acquires one of these guys they can really improve their game fast, like Miami after they picked up Shaquille O'Neal, they have been a dominant team ever since, current NBA Champions.
The Chicago Bulls are another team playing much better since they picked up Ben Wallace.
Keep your eye on the teams who have a great big man back there, it's quite a task for any player to go through a guy like O'Neal when trying to score.
In the transition game, on offense, the big man can get good position down low and create a lot of options for the offense.
Size matters, you want a big strong man who won't get pushed around.