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General Betting Tips - Cut Off Your Losers

Cut Off Your Losers
It's important to cut off your losers, just forget all about them, meaning if you are making money betting on NFL Football but losing money betting on soccer, stop betting on soccer, stick with what is making you money only and screw everything else, you don't need them, don't persist with beating a dead horse.
It's also important to be aware of how you are doing with each particular sport, keep track of your wins and losses for each sport.
You can also do this with a betting angle, if you like using a particular angle that has worked for you before but is now losing, dump it and go on to something else, this is often the case with horse racing, it is much more unpredictable than betting on humans, many more factors come into play, how the horse feels, the trip he got from the jockey, the track conditions, the trainer might hit a cold streak, etc etc, when it comes to real people, you pretty much know what to expect.
My favourite horse racing fopa is thinking a horse will run better going over a mile because he closed well going a 6 furlong sprint, that is the biggest bunch of crap i have ever heard, but many people consider it a positive angle and pound it constantly, it is actually quite the opposite in most cases, the horse won't close ground at the longer distance like he did in the shorter races, he will hang in the stretch and be nowhere. A better play is taking a horse who fades in the stretch of longer races, and now shortening up in distance, if you put those 2 types of horses(provided they are of equal class) side by side in the same race going over a mile, the second one(the fader) will almost always outrun the first one(the closer) in the stretch.
Another thing not to do is bet on losers, don't bet on teams with terrible records and no future, they are just a waste of money.
If you bet on one team often and find yourself losing money on them, or games involving them, cut them off, do not keep betting on games they are playing in, it's called bad karma.
Good Luck

General Betting Tips

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