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NFL Football Tips - Exposing The Lines

Exposing the Lines
During the course of the season you will look back at a few games and say to yourself, i can't believe this team was the favourite over this team that is so much better.
It's easy to look back and say that to yourself, but how do you catch that at the moment it is happening, that is what we're going to look at.
We can apply a system of statistical info to analize each game, it takes a bit of work, but when we find what we're looking for, it will pay off.
We will look at 2 teams and compare them this way...
-Team A Points Scored vs Team B Points Allowed
-Team A Rush Yards vs Team B Rush Yards Allowed
-Team A Pass Yards vs Team B Pass Yards Allowed
-Home Team Record at Home vs Visting Team Record on Road
-Head to Head History between the 2 teams
In sports all you need is one advantage over your opponent and the ability to make the most out of it.
That is what we are looking for, by comparing the teams we notice that in most cases both teams have an advantage, so we try to figure out which teams advantage is better, if one team ranks #1 in rush yards per game and the other team ranks #30 in rush yards allowed per game, that is a huge advantage and something you should put emphasis on.
You can break this system down even further, depending on how much effort you want to put into it, you can look at each team and analize how much points they score and give up at home, and the same for the road team, you can see how they perform historically vs that Conference/Division, how they perform historically in certain situations, like coming off a road loss playing at home next time out, etc, the more factors you go through, the stronger your analysis will be.
Good Luck

NFL Football Tips

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