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The NFL Football Tips here will help you pick winners and make you a better handicapper, read through the sections below, they are key ingrediants to making money betting on NFL Football.
There is no surefire system that will win every time and there never will be, but if you follow the tips here you will come out on top in the long run, the NFL Football tips in the articles below will show you how to get the most out of your gambling dollar and put the odds in your favour.
Good Luck
The first thing we have got to find is a team that fits the profile of a Champion, so we go through a list of important factors that a champion must posess...Read More
Picking a Super Bowl Champion Part II
In part II of Picking a Super Bowl Champion we'll look at things like Karma, Voodoo, Astrology, Gut Instinct, Psychic Intuition, and so on...Read More

The best play on a game by game basis is picking the underdog straight up to win, usually this is a live longshot playing on the road...Read More
Betting The Hot Team

Many times during the course of the season you'll notice teams that may have started the season slow, or hit a cold streak, but then suddenly start playing well and get on a roll...Read More

During the course of the season you will look back at a few games and say to yourself, i can't believe this team was the favourite over this team that is so much better...Read More
When looking for a place to bet on NFL Football action you should go over these 5 factors, because not all sportsbooks are the same and some sportsbooks do provide a much more friendly NFL Football betting environment...Read More

It's not always a good idea to increase the size of your bet if you feel particularly strong about a teams chance of winning, however there are some very good times to make a big bet...Read More
Division Games

Every team gets pumped up for games against teams within their own division, even those teams with poor records and nothing to play for...Read More

Handicappers like to rely on familiar trends playing out over and over again, we'll take a look at some of the most solid trends in NFL Football, you can take these to the bank...Read More

Have you come across games that look so obvious that just about everybody in the world seems to be on them, and then watch the heavily bet lead pipe cinch lose...Read More